production and services


Several years of top-notch experience are an endorsement of the zeta studios team, which is able to tackle the comprehensive production of any kind of project by always placing quality as a common thread.

Our extensive track record encompasses projects with clear market ambitions without abandoning cultural commitment and innovation. Our global view of the market and our ability to anticipate demand, as well as our general knowledge of the medium, enable us to reach all sectors of the public.

The diversity of our completed projects has allowed us to strike up relationships and collaborate with all platforms, TV networks, distributors, suppliers, etc. establishing our foothold in the sector and providing ourselves with enough flexibility to find synergies paving the way to successfully capping any project.

Fruit of its experience in creative production endeavors, zeta studios is also geared toward providing production services to foreign companies interested in filming in Spain, which may benefit from our knowledge of the sector and from the advantages of filming in our territory, whether for its landscapes, weather, professionals or tax deductions.

These commissioned productions will count with our team’s counseling and with all the means at our disposal. 


financial structure


The current system allows natural persons and legal entities that invest in productions, as well as ICAA registered producers in charge of foreign productions, to benefit from a substantial tax deduction. We offer this service whether the production is your own or belongs to a third party as well.

At zeta studios, we have been developing financial structures that allow potential investors with sufficient guarantees access to these incentives. Feature-length film productions in the last five years have been co-produced with Economic Interest Grouping, and their design, creation and content have been generated and supervised from Zeta Cinema and Zeta Audiovisual.

Our team keeps studying and investigating this and other similar structures, and is on the lookout for regulation changes, aiming to guarantee possible investments.