Spanish Hit ‘Dias Mejores’ Set for Season 2 by Prime Video, Zeta Studios, VIS



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Prime Video has greenlit Season 2 of the hit Spanish series, “Dias Mejores” (“Better Days”), after the success of its first season. Created by Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor (“Reyes de la Noche,” “Farina”), the new season will continue to follow the stories of its lead characters Sara (Marta Hazas), Pardo (Erick Elías), Graci (Alba Planas), Luis (Francesc Orella) and Dr. Laforet (Blanca Portillo).

News was announced at the Iberseries & Platino Industria television event that was held in Madrid over Sept. 27-30.

The co-production between ViacomCBS International Studios (VIS) and Madrid-based Zeta Studios, producers of Netflix hit, “Elite,” will stream exclusively on Prime Video in Spain.

Season 1 was showcased at March’s Malaga Festival. The new season just started shooting and includes an additional robust cast led by Marta Aledo (“Vis a vis,” “Elite”) as Emi, Sara’s sister; Carol Rovira (“#Luimelia”) as Claudia, the teacher of Pardo’s children, and Sonia Almarcha (“The Good Boss”) as Maite, the mother of Graci’s late boyfriend.

In “Mejores Dias,” creators-showrunners Valor and Garrido explore the challenges of getting over the loss of a loved one and of being a single parent, among other issues. While each character is coping with different personal problems, they all see the same therapist, Dr. Laforet.

Season 2 sees Sara battling a new blow in her life and the arrival of her sister Emi will not make things any easier. Meanwhile, Pardo is wary of starting a new relationship and how that might impact his family. Single mom Graci will have to deal with her mother-in-law who will bring back painful memories of the past. Luis (Francesc Orella) sees his plans to spend more time with family upended by unexpected news.

The series will again be directed by Alejo Flah (“Taxi a Gibraltar”) along with Mar Olid (“Live Without permission”), Violeta Zalama (“Alegría”) and Adolfo Valor (“Kings of the Night”).

Season 2 is penned by the same writers of the first season: Daniel Martín Serrano, Sara Alquezar and Alba Carballal.


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