Discover the new characters and first look of Elite Season 7


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Netflix has shared today a first look at Elite Season 7, which will launch globally on October 20th. This season promises to be even more tumultuous than ever before. Check the new faces that will stir everything up in the new episodes. CHLOE (Mirela Balić) A new student in Las Encinas who loves scandal as much as explicit videos. Behind that provocative facade lies an insecure girl who carries a really toxic relationship with her mother. CARMEN (Maribel Verdú) Chloe's mother. Super seductive and loves the good life. She does not understand her place sometimes and competes with her daughter in both provocative outfits and making new friends in Las Encinas. ERIC (Gleb Abrosimov) Eric is Nico's rebel cousin. A free-spirited, anti-system, and naturally anarchic individual who hides fears, insecurities, and a constant tendency towards self-destruction. MARTÍN (Leonardo Sbaraglia) He is Isadora's father, who returns after being away for a while to regain control of the family business. Soon we will discover that his comeback is not by chance and that he hides some rather shady rivalries. JOEL (Fernando Líndez) Joel is a ray of light despite the constant blows life has dealt him. Very humble and surviving day by day, he's clear that he can't afford to have dreams beyond the present. Until, suddenly, the possibility arises for him to make a 180-degree turn in his life. OMAR (Omar Ayuso) Omar returns to Las Encinas still traumatized by Samu's murder. Joel has been his unwavering support in overcoming everything that has happened... who knows if it will be enough to confront the ghosts of the past. ??? (Anitta) ??? The veterans will also give people a lot to talk about in this seventh season. Iván (André Lamoglia), Isadora (Valentina Zenere), Rocío (Ana Bokesa), Dídac (Álvaro de Juana), Nico (Ander Puig), Sonia (Nadia Al Saidi), Raúl (Álex Pastrana), and Sara (Carmen Arrufat), among others, will return in this new installment where they will show that life isn't always pink. In this new season, Omar is living a new life at the university and far away from Las Encinas, but he is unable to move on. The guilt he feels for Samuel's death and the suffering from that period are still very much present, leading him to undergo therapy. Thanks to an internship, he decides to return to the school where everything happened to confront his demons face to face. Through Omar's journey we will discover that the rest of the students are also silently battling their own hells. Elite’s season 7 will tackle mental health and how most of us neglect it out of fear or ignorance.