Zip & Zap and the captain's island

a film by Oskar Santos

Cartel Zipi y Zape La Isla del Capitán

Christmas time is coming and Zip & Zap are stirring up trouble once more. This time their shenanigans get so out of hand they are grounded without holidays and forced to accompany their parents to what seems to be a boring boat trip. To their astonishment, the destination is a spectacular and remote island.

There, a terrible storm forces them to take refuge inside the mansion of fun Miss Pam, where children without families enjoy a paradise without any rules. With the help of Pipi, Maqui and Flequi, the brothers discover that their parents’ sudden overnight disappearance is linked to the secret hidden by the mysterious island and its peculiar inhabitants.

Teo Planell, Toni Gómez, Elena Anaya, Iria Castellano, Máximo Pastor, Ana Blanco de Córdova, Fermí Reixach, Jorge Bosch, Carolina Lapausa, Goizalde Núñez and Juan Codina

Oskar Santos

Mod Producciones, Zeta Cinema, Atresmedia Cine and Kowalski Films

Executive producer
Mod Producciones

Line producer
Koldo Zuazua

Jorge Lara y Oskar Santos

Based on the comic
Zipi y Zape by Josep Escobar, edited by Ediciones B

Daniel Sosa

Art Director
Juan Pedro Gaspar

Fernando Velázquez

Carolina Martínez

Gabriel Gutiérrez (-12DB)

Costume designer
Andrea Flesch and Sonia Grande

Make up and hair
Éva Kozma

Digital effects
Twin Pines

Rosa Morales

Assitant director
Jorge Calvo