Something huge

a film by Carlo Padial

Cartel Algo muy gordo

Berto Romero yearns for indie acknowledgement, while Carlo Padial, a documentary and experimental filmmaker whom he’ll meet by chance, is exploring that new frontier.

Something Huge is the moving, hilarious and inspiring account of a comedian (Berto Romero) and an independent filmmaker (Carlo Padial) that set out to create “the most advanced and futuristic comedy ever produced in Spain.” The project, named Something Huge, requires a huge crew, production and special effects. They both have the best intentions, but will face, however, numerous obstacles in their path, which will exceedingly complicate the accomplishment of their goal: that of creating “the most futuristic comedy in Spanish cinema’s history.”

Berto Romero, Carlo Padial, Carlos Areces, Carolina Bang, Javier Botet and Miguel Noguera

Carlo Padial

Francisco Ramos and Javier Ruiz Caldera

Executive producer
Marta Sánchez de Miguel

Delegate producer
Rafael López Manzanara

Line producer
Laia Farrán

Carlo Padial y
Berto Romero

Diego Dussuel

Art director
Marta Sánchez-Cobos

Javier Rodero

Iker Insausti

Sound recording
Agost Alustiza

Costume designer
Desiree Guirao

Make up and hair
Natalia Albert y Marta Xipell

Anna González

Assistant producer
David Larraz