A film by Marcelo Piñeyro

Cartel Ismael

Ismael Tchou (8 years old, African mother) boards the AVE in Atocha, destination Barcelona. He ran away from home because he wants to find Félix Ambrós, his father, whom he has never met. His only clue is the address of an apartment in the County City, written on the return address of a letter sent to his mother. Once he arrives he manages to locate the building, but instead of finding his father in the apartment, he finds an elegant woman in her fifties, Nora, none other than Félix Ambrós’ mother, his unknown grandmother.

Félix never told Nora anything about that child’s existence. But as soon as she reaches him on the phone, he doesn’t deny his paternity. Nora, after warning Alika, the child’s mother, decides to take him to meet Félix. Grandmother and grandchild embark on a journey to a village in Costa Brava, where Félix has been living for a long time. Alika and Luis, her husband, travel to the coast in search for the boy.

The encounter Ismael triggers with the desire to meet his biological father will make all the characters try and settle their debts with the past.

Mario Casas, Larsson do Amaral, Belén Rueda, Ella Kweku, Sergi López and Juan Diego Botto

Marcelo Piñeyro

Francisco Ramos and Antonio Asensio

Mercedes Gamero and Mikel Lejarza

Line producer
Josep Amorós

Delegate producers
Eneko Gutiérrez (Zeta Cinema), Rosa Pérez (Atresmedia Cine) and Creu Rodriguez (TV3)

Verónica Fernández, Marcelo Figueras y Marcelo Piñeyro

Xavi Giménez

Art director
Balter Gallar

Javier Limón

Irene Blecua

Charly Schmuckler

Sound mixer
Alfonso Raposo

Costume designer
Loles García

Make up and hair
Eva R. Fontenla

Yolanda Serrano y Eva Leira

Assintant director
Javier Petit