a TV series created by Carlos de Pando and Sara Antuña

Cartel Élite

Spain is on the verge of a second civil war. In a secret underground lab, a mysterious man awakes. It is García, a super-soldier created under Franco's regime to fight the enemies of the nation. He has been kept in suspended animation for sixty years and wakes up in a Spain he can barely recognize. But he may be the only person capable of dealing with this crisis. With the help of Antonia, a young journalist, García will uncover the conspiracy behind the Captain’s kidnapping, and he will face the shadows of his past.

Francisco Ortiz, Veki Velilla, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Francisco Reyes, Daniel Freire, Nico Romero, Helio Pedregal, Mario Pardo, Miguel Molina, Marina Gatell, Pepe Ocio and Silvia Abascal.

Eugenio Mira.

Carlos de Pando and Sara Antuña,


Based on the graphic novel by Santiago García and Luis Bustos.