a film by Daniel Calparsoro

Cartel Combustión

Mikel is about to marry Julia, the owner of a major jewelry store inherited by her parents. At the wedding announcement party, Mikel meets Ari, one of the catering’s waitresses. Attraction immediately blooms between them, and even though he will try to control this inconvenient desire for her, he’ll fall into her arms and enjoy the best sex of his life. Little by little, he falls harder for her and becomes more fascinated by her world, which is none other than the illegal car race world. An adrenaline-fuelled, out of control world, where the only thing that matters is the here and now. A world that awakens Mikel’s wilder side. His life with Julia has become completely grey, and he decides to break off their engagement.

What he doesn’t know is that everything is part of a plan hatched by Ari and her boyfriend Navas. They seduce unsuspecting people to break into their homes and rob them. Mikel is the ideal prey, as they long for the loot Julia keeps in her safe. But things go bad when Ari realizes she is falling in love with her victim. That will unleash Navas’ fury and make everything become unpredictable.

When Mikel discovers he was a toy in both their hands, it will be too late to go back.

Álex González, Adriana Ugarte and Alberto Ammann

Daniel Calparsoro

Executive producers
Francisco Ramos and Mercedes Gamero

Line producer
Josep Amorós

Carlos Montero, Jaime Vaca and Daniel Calparsoro

Daniel Aranyó

Art Director
Antón Laguna

Carlos Jean

Antonio Frutos and David Pinillos

Sergio Burmann, James Muñoz and Nicolas Poulpiquet

Costume designer
Loles García

Make up and hair
Karmele Soler and Manolo García

Eva Leira y Yolanda Serrano

Assistant Director
Sara Mazkiarán